Connected CRM and E-commerce solutions

Segment better your customer base
Identify cross-selling opportunities
Execute targeted emails
Increase your average basket

CRM integrated to your E-commerce Platform

Enrich the 360 ° vision of your customers thanks to a CRM fully integrated with your e-commerce tool (Prestashop, Magento, ...). All of the contacts, orders, products, abandoned baskets and support requests are automatically synchronized between your two applications.

By combining these data with those from other applications (marketing automation, website, ...), Cirrus Shield will allow you to identify cross-selling opportunities to increase the average basket.

Take advantage of Cirrus Shield's reporting capabilities to gain insight into top-selling products, customer value, or purchase recurrence, and make critical business decisions.


Execute targeted marketing campaigns for your customers

The strength of Cirrus Shield CRM is its ability to centralize data from your various applications: website, e-commerce, or marketing automation tool.

By centralizing customer data in a single and shared environment, you can segment your contacts based on customizable criteria (purchasing behavior, area of interest, demographic and psychographic) and adapt the content of your emails. Once your segments are done, just click a button to have your list migrated into your marketing automation tool (eg Sendinblue).

Get real-time insights into your Cirrus Shield marketing campaigns, clicks and unsubscribes, and create reports and dashboards to drill down into your different segments.

Manage your customer requests from their creation to their resolution.

Cirrus Shield allows you to manage, prioritize and organize customer support requests from first contact to resolution.

Offer your customers 24/7 support with a self-service portal where they can submit new requests, track the progress of existing requests, and interact with your support teams.

Carry out a personalized follow-up of customer satisfaction, automatically sending personalized satisfaction surveys when closing a support request.

«With Cirrus Shield CRM connected to our E-commerce and marketing platforms, we are able now to better understand our customers, improve customer segmentation and increase our sales ».
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